Dorothy Hamill’s ‘Short & Sassy’ Wedge Haircut 1976

Dorothy Hamill for Clairol’s Short & Sassy, 1976

Dorothy Hamill became America’s Sweetheart after her gold medal ice-skating win at the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria. Dorothy had developed a new skating move – a camel spin that turns into a sit spin – which became known as the “Hamill Camel”. Not only was this new spin dramatic, but it perfected showed off her precision-cut wedge hairstyle when it flew out around her head. This hairstyle was created by her hair stylist, Yusuke Suga, and became a huge fad.

I can distinctly remember watching Dorothy in the 1976 Olympics, and being enthralled with not only her skating performance but with her hair. THAT HAIR. I was propelled to cut off my long, side-parted hair into the Wedge. I have thick hair with a lot of body, so it worked well for me. I wore this cute style for about two years, but the frequent haircut maintenance required to keep it looking sharp started wearing on me.

Of course, Clairol capitalized on her ‘short and sassy’ look by developing “Short & Sassy” shampoo and conditioner for short hair. They touted that short hair has special needs, like body and bounce. The conditioner had more than twice the protein of leading conditioners.

It remains a classic, flattering hairstyle to this day. I, however, have reverted back to my original early ’70s long, side-parted style. It’s also a classic, but requires A LOT less maintenance.


2 Responses to “Dorothy Hamill’s ‘Short & Sassy’ Wedge Haircut 1976”

  1. Jane Bridges

    Wedge haircut with the duck’s ass in the back resembling Elvis in the back. If so please tell me
    the site it’s on.

  2. Jane Bridges

    Wedge haircut with the duck’s ass in the back resembling Elvis in the back. Please send a pic. or
    where it’s in a picture to show to my hair dresser.

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