70s Long & Silky – Long Hair Don’t Care

Long & Silky from Clairol, 1976.

I had long hair in the 70s – at least until I got my Dorothy Hamill wedge cut – and I loved it. My hair was thick, straight, and my natural red color. It grew fast too. I never spent much time fussing over my hair because, like when you have good skin, you don’t have to do much to it. I drew the acne/bad skin card, so I guess it was evened out?

Anyway, this is a great ad from 1976 for Long & Silky Conditioning Lotion from Clairol. Three gorgeously thin and beautiful models wearing the shortest denim cutoffs possible are playing volleyball on the beach. “In summer, long hair needs the protection of Long & Silky more than ever”. Their hair is long, thick and glossy. Apparently using Long & Silky let it stand up to the harsh sun, wind and water of the beach. The graphic tee shirt is a nice touch – so very 2018!


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