Yardley ‘Sexpot’ Pot O’ Gloss Vintage 1976

Pot O’ Gloss. The sexpots from Yardley. 1976

I thought I’d exhausted every last Yardley Pot O’ Gloss ad from the 1970s, but I FOUND ONE MORE! This ad is from 1976, when the whole Yardley of London thing was ramping down and it was just plain old Yardley. Yardley was going through major changes to their makeup line at this time, but it seems that they were holding onto Pot O’ Gloss for a bit longer.

This ad features a tomboyish model with freckles, braids and preppy shirt and sweater. “Look ma, I’m a sexpot” she declares, “I can’t believe it’s me. (Don’t worry ma, I’ll be home by midnight.)”

Pot O’ Gloss was touted as a sensual way to make up. Because it was lip color you could see, smell, taste and touch. With the flick of the finger, you had ripe, luscious, shiny lips. All this apparently earned Pot O’ Gloss sexpot status in 1976.

If you haven’t been following my blog, please know that I am a diehard vintage 60s/70s Yardley of London fanatic. Pot O’ Gloss remains my absolute favorite lip gloss of all time. I can still smell, taste and feel it! As I always do with every Yardley of London post that I write, I implore Yardley to BRING BACK POT O’ GLOSS. Thank you for your cooperation. 🙂


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  1. angela Vick

    I want to know can I find some pot o glosses from the 1970’s the era that I grew up in. And adore to this very day/ The 1970’s the best decade for music, makeup, perfumes, movies

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