The Original 1975 Frye Boots

Frye Boots – Seventeen, August 1975

The iconic Frye Boot, as we know it, made its fashion debut in 1975. Super chunky and sturdy, it fit right in with the mid-70s earthy ‘back to the land’ vibe. The collegiate-style Campus Boot became an all-American symbol of rebellion and freedom.  Soon everyone was clunking around in Frye boots, or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Frye boots were benchcrafted exclusively in the USA by John A. Frye Shoe Co., Inc. Marlboro, Massachusetts. A quick look at their website shows that a good number of their classic boots are still made in the USA. They’ve added a trendier line that is made in Italy, which is cool. Nice to see that their classic style and quality still remains!


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