There Was Actually Yardley Pot o’ Gloss Nail Polish?

Yardley Pot o' Gloss Nail Polish, 1972 | FinnfemmeOnce again, I went through my personal stash of vintage magazines from the late ’60s/early ’70s looking for any Yardley of London ads that I may have overlooked. Voila! I found one featuring a rather fresh and romantic-looking couple.

From the the October 1972 issue of Ingenue magazine, this ad is for Yardley’s Pot o’ Gloss Nail Polish. Wait, what? NAIL POLISH?! Either I’d forgotten about it, or had overlooked it in the first place. I just don’t remember it. Being such an obsessive Pot o’ Gloss lip gloss fan at the time, maybe my obsession didn’t run to my fingernails?

Anyway, this nail polish sounds rather delightful: “Shiny, glossy nails with a touch of scent…they could bring back the kiss on the hand.”  It promised that everything Pot o’ Gloss gave to your lips, you could have for your nails too. The shine, the gloss, the nice light scent were all there in the sweet little baby pots. The scent of Pot o’ Gloss is the kicker – it is one of my most favorite scents ever!



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  1. Therese

    Is it me or does the guy in the photo look like actor Roberto Bisacco who played Paris in 1968’s Romeo and Juliet? (I love that movie too, thanks for all your pics of it and Olivia & Leonard)

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