1971 Yardley of London Slicker Lip Licks

Yardley Slicker Lip Polish Lip Licks - 1971 | Finnfemme“Kiss him in his favorite flavor.”

This is a really hip and groovy 1971 Yardley of London ad for Slicker Lip Polish. More specifically – Lip Licks: Give him a lick. A sip of your lips. Be free with your flavors.

Lip Licks came in all sorts of fruity flavors; Raspberry, Orange, Strawberry, Peach, Mint and Lemonade. Designed mainly for your boyfriend to ‘eat them up’.

The ad shows six different couples kissing each other. Of course, most of them are beachy California blondes. But there is an African-American couple in the upper left hand corner – most likely a first in Yardley’s advertising.


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