Christie Brinkley for Prell Shampoo, 1985

Christie Brinkley for Prell Shampoo, 1985 | Finnfemme BlogChristie Brinkley for Prell Shampoo, 1985 | Finnfemme BlogThis 1985  Prell shampoo ad featuring one of my favorite models, Christie Brinkley, is pretty awesome. First of all, THAT 80s HAIR! Thick, full and natural-colored; she was in possession of quite the mane. In the ad, Christie gives the credit for her bouncy tresses to Prell Shampoo and Prell Conditioner: Because Prell shampoos body in, instead of out. It works with your hair to bring out fullness and make the most of what you have.

I can’t use Prell shampoo anymore because I color my hair. I have to use all manner of “color preserving” shampoos and conditioners now. But back in the day when I did use Prell, it was pretty amazing stuff – my hair was super clean and full of body. So I agree with Christie, vintage 1980s speaking!



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