Yardley Introduces The Natural Beauty In 1972

FINNFEMME: Yardley of London Introduces The Natural Beauty, 1972 adI thought I had exhausted all the Yardley of London ads from my personal stash of fashion magazines from 1968 to 1975. But, no. While flipping once again through the November 1972 issue of Seventeen magazine, I found one that I’ve been overlooking. This one, for Next to Nature Make-up, is so subtly beautiful that it didn’t stand out like the other more splashy Yardley product lines of the time.

Always on-trend, Yardley seemed to be onto the ‘back to nature’ zeitgeist of the early 1970s. This makeup promised that it would make you look naturally beautiful, because it was made with natural colorings, the purest of waters, and Vitamin A to moisturize for a wholesome dewy glow. Who knew if any of this was true, given that there was not much emphasis put on ingredient labeling at the time.

The ‘Natural Beauty’ model is posing in field, wearing a plaid shirt and holding wildflowers; looking about as natural as one can get having set and blown-out hair and a face full of makeup. I love it though, as I do all the Yardley ads of my teenage years.


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