The Stylish 1947 Studebaker and Coordinating Fashions

Finnfemme: Coordinate Fashions With Your 1947 StudebakerThere was a time when cars were stylishly smart and colorful, not the boring sameness that they are today. This ad depicting the “New 1947 Studebaker” is a case in point. The body design is by Raymond Loewy, who was a famous industrial designer. Not only is the car a fabulous sunny yellow, but is advertised as “fashion on wheels” that mirrors your personality as effectively as a Bruno costume.  The perfect cure for the postwar blues.

The ad ties in an English tweed suit by Bruno, matching tweed flats by Mackey, a calf haversack bag by Phelps, and a felt hat by Hattie Carnegie. All were supposed to go along well with your new Studebaker.

The car itself was in a gay, exciting color. Richly upholstered in soft, harmonizing fabric, with wide deep-cushioned seats. It was a dream of a car to handle – steers, stops and parks with delightful ease – and the comfort of its ride is really beyond description. I would love to own – or at least drive or ride in – this splendid car!


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  1. finnfemme

    The car model is: “The new 1947 Studebaker Champion Regal De Luxe Coupe for five.”
    Even the car names were spectacular! 😀


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