Seventeen Magazine November 1972 Cover Girl – Joyce Walker

FINNFEMME: Seventeen Magazine's Model Joyce Walker Vintage November 1972Seventeen magazine was the fashion bible for my teenage years, and I’m glad I saved a big stack of them for my vintage research now. Perhaps I had the foresight as a teen that I would one day need them! The November 1972 issue of Seventeen featured the gorgeous model Joyce Walker as cover girl. What I appreciated about Seventeen is that, while they had their share of blonde, blue-eyed models, they also went for a more diverse look at times. Black models did show up on their covers and editorial pages with regularity. This seemed pretty normal to me at the time, and no one made any waves about it. 44 years later, what surprises me is that it seems to be a bigger deal in 2016 when a black model is on the cover of a fashion magazine. Probably the social media effect.

FINNFEMME: Model Joyce Walker, Seventeen Magazine, November 1972Joyce was also featured in the fashion editorial pages of the same issue. Wearing fantastic floral print wide-leg pants and a back-sashed smock by Jane Irwill, she is simply glorious!

FINNFEMME: Model Joyce Walker, Seventeen Magazine Vintage November 1972Tall and slim, Joyce is modeling Jane Irwill floral pants, silver-sparkle halter top and a black-sparked cardigan. The stack-heeled patent leather shoes are by Capezio. Makeup by Mary Quant. Bracelet by Michael Moraux for Dubaux.  I would totally wear this look today!


4 Responses to “Seventeen Magazine November 1972 Cover Girl – Joyce Walker”

  1. Sherri

    Hi Marilyn! I love your vintage Seventeen treasures! Do you by chance have the winter issue that features a recipe page for a pretty braided orange bread with marzipan? We have been searching for a copy of that forever! Would love to share on our retro 1980s Seventeen recipe collection.

  2. finnfemme

    Hi Sherri! When I get a chance, I’ll look through my stack of Seventeens. To help, do you know approximately what year it was? ~ Marilyn

  3. Sherri

    Thanks Marilyn! Unfortunately, no one can remember the year, just that it would have been a 1970s holiday recipe (Nov. or Dec). Very pretty presentation!

  4. finnfemme

    Sherri, I FOUND THE RECIPE! I posted it on my latest blog post. It just so happened to be in the Seventeen December 1973 issue that was on top of my stack. Serendipity! Please share my post with your group, or direct them to my blog. Enjoy! ~Marilyn

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