Vintage 1955 Brides Love Camay Beauty Soap!

Finnfemme: Camay Beauty Soap for Brides, Vintage 1955It’s astonishing to me how many vintage beauty ads are for plain old bar soap. What’s even more amazing is the beauty claims it makes. Who knew that washing your face with soap and water was such a beauty secret? Apparently Camay’s tender touch will caress your skin to a new loveliness.

This is such a pretty 1955 ad for Camay Beauty Soap ‘The Soap of Beautiful Women’. The gorgeous bride, Mrs. Charles J. Gossner, claims that “there is nothing like it. Cold cream Camay is the perfect beauty soap as far as I’m concerned. It’s so mild and gentle on my skin. And so delightfully fragrant!” In any event, Mrs. Gossner is just lovely, with a stunning bridal veil and bouquet.

With all the complicated multi-step skin care routines that are in vogue now, it’s rather refreshing to see such a simple wash-your-face method. As for me, I’m off to wash my face…with soap. 🙂


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