Prell Shampoo: Fabulous in the 1950s, Fabulous Now!

FINNFEMME: Prell Shampoo ad vintage 1955Prell shampoo, with its distinctive green color, has been around since 1947 and is still around today.  This great ad from 1955 touts the fact that ‘extra rich’ liquid Prell creates “Radiantly Alive Hair”. It says that some shampoos are too thin, watery, messy and hard-to-use. Some shampoos are too heavy, with cloudy ingredients that leaves hair with a dulling film. Whereas Prell has a smooth, “just right” consistency that won’t run, and it never leaves a dulling film.

What’s funny is that I just started using Prell again, after not using it since the 1970s. I saw the Prell “Classic Clean” 13.5 oz. bottle on the shelf at my local Walmart for about $3.00 (it’s still green), and decided to give it a go. I’ve been feeling that all the modern ‘color protection’ shampoos that I’ve been using are not really getting my hair clean. In fact most seem to not rinse off well, and leave a filmy coating that builds up on my hair and scalp.

Prell is water-based and alcohol-free, and is now touted as a ‘Thick, Rich Formula For Clean, Healthy Hair”. What I’ve found is it leaves my hair and scalp incredibly clean without feeling stripped dry. My hair seems a lot thicker and fluffier, not being weighed down by all those newfangled silicone-formula shampoos that I hate. I color my hair, and it doesn’t seem to affect the color except to brighten it. I wash my hair two times a week, and I find that Prell keeps it cleaner longer between washings. Probably because it is getting my hair clean in the first place.

Prell is still made in the USA; which is good since it is a classic American product. Some things, when they are excellent to begin with, never change. And I am glad for that!




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  1. valerie sprung

    Loved prell shampoo, didn’t know it was still around. Thank you for the info will look at Walmart for it.

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