Yardley of London’s Soft Baby Look of 1972

Finnfemme: Yardley of London Soft Baby Look of 1972This is a really pretty Yardley of London ad from 1972 for Sigh Shadows. The model is fresh and lovely, as Yardley models tended to be in the late 60s/early 70s.

There was a pastel-ly, soft, sweet, baby look that was big in 1972. Not only in clothes, but in cosmetics. Yardley capitalized on this trend by introducing ‘The Baby Powders’ Sigh Shadow. For a look of wide-eyed innocence, it came in four sets of nursery colors: Baby Blue ‘n Coo, Baby Lav ‘n Lace, Baby Mint ‘n Tint, and Baby Pure ‘n Sure.

You finished off the look by adding a fine line of Easy Liner, and Lash-A-Lot mascara (in Brook Blue, of course).



4 Responses to “Yardley of London’s Soft Baby Look of 1972”

  1. Ame

    This pastel blue shade seemed to be the only shade of blue available…I sort of feel it doesn’t look good on anybody! I love all these Yardley ads though, only in the ad they pull it off…

  2. finnfemme

    You are right, Ame! That pastel blue looked pretty bad on all but a few. As a brown-eyed, freckled redhead, I definitely could NOT rock that look!


  3. Kathleen Breen

    Marilyn, thought you might enjoy a back story on the “Baby” eye shadows. In 1971 I was the secretary for 3 product managers at the Totowa, NJ Yardley plant. The manager for this product line got sick before the packaging and naming deadline do I was given the opportunity to select the compact for the line as well as naming the combos. Baby Blue ‘n Coo and Baby Lav ‘n Lace were mine. I don’t remember who selected the other 2 compact names. What a thrill it was to see them on store shelves when released.

  4. finnfemme

    Hi Kathleen,
    That is so cool that you worked for Yardley! I like the names you picked the best.
    If you read the many Yardley of London posts on my blog, you know that I am (ahem) ‘slightly’ obsessed with their vintage makeup. I really wish it would make a comeback!

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