5 Beauty Uses for Johnson’s Baby Oil Circa 1974

I love this great Johnson’s Baby Oil ad from 1974 for the mere fact that it looks very current, like something you’d see on a beauty blog or Pinterest. In the 70s, Johnson & Johnson was on a real kick, marketing their baby products to teens and adults. Since there was no internet, we teenaged girls relied on teen and fashion magazines to show us what was hip and trendy. The ads were particularly informative and direct. They also were in print so they hung around a lot longer (hey, I still have the original ads 41 years later). Finnfemme: Johnson's Baby Oil ad 1974The ad says that Johnson’s Baby Oil always was, and still is, a baby oil. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be good for other things. Like: #1) Eye Makeup Remover – “removes eye makeup in seconds.” #2) Bath Oil – “Pour a little in your bath. You’ll feel soft and smooth all over.” #3) Moisturizer – ” Use it after shaving legs to make them soft. Helps prevent dryness.” #4) After-Sun Oil – “After the sun dries your skin, it makes it smooth and soft again.” #5) Softener – “For elbows, heels and knees. It makes all the rough spots soft spots.”

The interesting thing about baby oil is that it is highly refined and purified mineral oil with a little fragrance added. It is regulated by the FDA, and has been proven completely safe to use. It is safe, effective and inexpensive, and is recommended by skin care professionals quite regularly. While the tips in this 1974 ad ring true today, I would add to stay out of the sun in the first place (#4). There are some beauty tips that can be improved upon in 2015. 🙂



4 Responses to “5 Beauty Uses for Johnson’s Baby Oil Circa 1974”

  1. Ame

    Mineral oil is definitely bad for the skin! One would have to wash the oil residue off quickly…I know it’s not good to have it on your face, but probably elsewhere like the ad suggests: knees, heels, or whatever. Had a friend who used to put it in her hair…

  2. finnfemme

    Definitely not recommended for use on the face, unless you have super dry skin (even then…). I’ve always had oily skin so I can’t imagine it. I guess it would work if you had to take off stage makeup or something. But I’d follow it with a good washing with soap.

    In the hair? That sounds awful!


  3. sbarbie1914

    I am not sure where you got your information that baby oil is not good for the skin or face. Highly refined mineral oil sits on top of the skin and is used in many cosmetics because it doesn’t clog pores and is a highly effective moisturizer. There is a reason why this stuff has been around for ages… because it works.

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