Model Jean Shrimpton for Ray-Ban Sunglasses 1971

In 1971, the ever-lovely Jean Shrimpton seemed to have moved on from her days in the Mod ’60s as the Yardley Girl. She was a perfect model for Yardley of London, capturing that ethereal English beauty look that so few can. But it looks like she got another great gig as a model for Bausch & Lomb, makers of Ray-Ban and Sun Tints Sun Glasses. She can really rock those glasses! Of course, it helps to have those stunningly beautiful eyes – and have her excellent fashion sense. Not only does she model B&L sunglasses in these ads, but also manages to fit in modeling a groovy designer outfit.

Jean Shrimpton Ray-Ban ad vintage 1971B&L Sun Tints Sun Glasses were meant to frame your eyes in big, bold shapes – splash them with color – add pizzazz to your total look. Utilitarian too, with protective lenses to ban sun glare and irritating rays. I love the shape and violet-hued color of these Belhurst glasses.  In the inset, ‘The Shrimp’ is modeling a dazzling Persian print cape by Calvin Klein and is wearing Belhurst sunglasses with protective lenses.

Jean Shrimpton Ray-Ban ad 1971 Aviator sunglassesHere Jean is modeling B&L’s classic Ray-Ban Aviator shaped sun glasses, framed with black chrome. Ray-Bans block harsh glare, ban harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays, and keep your precious orbs sparkling bright. In the inset, Jean is modeling a cool lace beach suit by Jacques Tiffeau and is wearing Aviator glasses sleekly framed with black chrome.

Pretty cool! ~Marilyn

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