Vintage 1968 Yardley of London Slicker Nail Polish

Yardley of London Slicker Nail Polish ad 1968 Patsy SullivanYardley of London’s advertising was so fantastic in the late 1960s; a wonderful mix of romanticism and mod. I was going through my old Seventeen magazines looking for any Yardley ads that I may have missed, and I found one! This beautiful ad for Slicker Nail Polish looks to be the companion to the Face Slicker ad featuring Patsy Sullivan and Bruce Weber as models. Yardley of London ad 1968 Patsy Sullivan Bruce WeberIs it any wonder that we were all caught up in the magical Yardley of London spell in the 60s?


2 Responses to “Vintage 1968 Yardley of London Slicker Nail Polish”

  1. Mjohns

    Clueless romantic that I was, I took Yardley ads very seriously, standing in the mirror trying to hold my lips in a Jean Shrimpton pose. I bought as much as I could between 1965 and 1972. Brings back great memories…thank you.

  2. finnfemme

    Glad to hear from another one who took Yardley ads very seriously, Mjohns! No matter how hard I tried, this freckled redhead could NEVER look like Jean Shrimpton, Patsy Sullivan, or Olivia Hussey. 😀

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