The 1972 Yardley of London BRIGHTS

These Yardley of London ads from 1972 show that the cosmetics company was on a very bright and colorful bent. Gone were the soft, shimmering, romantic shades of the late 1960s; this was full-on POW!

Yardley of London ad Vintage 1972 Glimmer on BrightsYardley Glimmerick Glimmer on Brights was the first watercolor compact to color and polish your eyes. The Flower Brights colors were very intense (Pink! Yellow! Blue!), and you had to mix the shadow with water to apply. Finish it up with the white Polish, Lash-A-Lot, and Easy Liner for that “best eye of spring” look.

Yardley of London China Brights ad vintage 1972This Shadow Sheen China Brights ad left me speechless. Did anyone actually wear this look in 1972? I sure didn’t, and I don’t remember anyone else doing it either! This is the China Brights Eye, which were 5 nifty revved-up Chinese colors with high-powered luminescent glow. Shadow Sheen was a super-frosted eye gel in colors of Ming Blue, Mother of Pearl White, Cinnabar Brown, Lee Chi Amber, and Jade Green. I suppose it was a memorable look for those brave enough to try it.

Yardley of London ad Pot o' Gloss vintage 1972Even Pot o’ Gloss became brighter in 1972. Super-Tinted Lip Gloss was introduced, and it was wetter, glossier, shinier, and lasted longer. The bright new shades included Red Shriek, Boisterous Bronze, Emphatic Pink (my FAVE!), Noisy Peach, Screechy Pink, and Clamorous Coral. Even the names were noisier and brighter.



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