This is Love (Cosmetics) in 1972

Seeing these Love Cosmetics ads, from the April and June 1972 issues of Ingenue magazine, made me remember that there were makeup companies other than my cherished Yardley of London! Love Cosmetics was introduced by Menley & James Laboratories on March 1, 1969, and their advertising was coordinated by Mary Wells Lawrence’s advertising agency, Wells, Rich, Greene. Marketing focus was towards young women, ages 20-25, who were trend-setting makeup wearers.

Love Cosmetics Lovestick Vintage 1972Makeup was not particularly heavy in 1972; trends favoring a fresh-faced, ‘baby doll’ look. The Lovestick Color Glazes promised a clear, fresh-picked lip color that was almost transparent. But with rich, vibrant colors that are shiny, moist and vibrant. This ad seems to me like an American take on the Biba look, which was huge in Britain at the time. I don’t remember wearing Lovestick Color Glazes in 1972. That’s because I was so caught up in wearing my Yardley Pot o’ Gloss, of which there was (or ever will be) no equal!

Love Cosmetics Blushing Cheek Gel Vintage 1972Continuing on with the fresh-faced All-American look that Love was going after, here we have Love’s Really Blushing Cheek Gel. Meant to give a naturally vibrant look of someone who’s just been given a compliment worth blushing over. The model has a soft, shy look and loose, bouncy curls. I probably used this cheek gel at some point, because makeup gels were ubiquitous in 1972 and we all had to try them. Personally, I hated cheek gels. They never went on that well for me, and left kind of a stained look. Not attractive. Powder blusher was (and is) the way for me.


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  1. Victoria oliver

    And actually my mom bunny oliver was the art director 🙂

  2. Dennis

    Where is your dad now? I used to hang with him a lot and then lost touch. Is he still in California?

  3. Meri-Sue Clark

    Used to date very nice man whose mother was lawyer in 1972-they lived on Philadelphia Main Line- very nice man first name Geoff. Always wonder re him… hope he is well and happy. We worked at Strawbridges in Ardmore… wish could connect.

  4. Lee

    Hi Marilyn — I just discovered your posts — Thank you for the reminding me what it was like being a teenager obsessed with the London Look, Yardley Slicker makeup, crimped hair and psychedelic fashions! I identified the model in the first picture (with the big flower)– Ingrid Bolting. She was in ‘the Last Tycoon’ and was (most memorably) a Vogue supermodel (crimped hair!) and the face of Biba in late 60’s. BTW –just found an early Tuvache Oh! de London (full bottle spray) that is pretty damn close to the Yardley scent I had in 1967. I’ll be happy to send you a ‘thank you’ decant (and curious to know your take on it) — let me know. All the best, Lee Anderson

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