Patsy Sullivan~Yardley of London Model Extraordinaire!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I have a slight obsession with Yardley of London cosmetics of the late 60s and early 70s. I’ve posted many a Yardley ad featuring the beautiful models of the time. Imagine my surprise when I received an email from none other than Yardley model, Patsy Sullivan! Patsy followed Olivia Hussey, and was under contract to Yardley from 1968 to 1972. She found my Yardley blog posts and wanted to let me know that she was the model in several of the ads. Rather than go back and rewrite all my posts, I will give you Patsy in all her glory and compile her beautiful ads in this post. So here goes!

Vintage 1968 Yardley Face Slicker ad Patsy Sullivan1968 Face Slicker ad.  So romantic! Patsy told me that the male model here is Bruce Weber, before he became a photographer.

Slicker Dial by Yardley ad 1968 Patsy Sullivan1968 Slicker Dial ad. Love the hairstyle!

Yardley of London Cellophanes ad 1969 Patsy SullivanYardley of London vintage 1969 cellophanes ad1969 Cellophanes ad. So colorful!

Yardley of London New Soul Eyes 1970 Patsy Sullivan1970 New Soul Eyes. Pretty in Blue!

A gracious thank you to Patsy for reaching out to me! Your beautiful images were a huge part of my teenaged years; I could only dream to look as lovely as you.


8 Responses to “Patsy Sullivan~Yardley of London Model Extraordinaire!”

  1. Patsy Sullivab

    Thank you so much! I was dreadfully sick in the telephone ad.
    There are others that appeared in Europe.i am grateful you have these.,Yardley started using a dark rinse on my hair after the first ad. I was only 12 in the ad with Bruce Weber. Again, thank you!

  2. finnfemme

    You are very welcome, Patsy! Thank you so much for contacting me, it’s always great to get a bit of back story on these fab ad campaigns. 12 years old? That’s amazing. I think you need to write a book – it would be a fascinating read!

  3. Leslie

    I went to school with Patsy for a short time in Sherman Oaks, at a private school. I remember she showed me her portfolio, which I believe, had a lot of hand pictures. While I know she would never remember me, I remember she was very sweet. Stayed to herself a lot, which led her to talk to me since I was quiet too. I know she left either at the end of one of the years or close to the end of the school year….. I always think of her fondly. She was dating Jimmy at the time…even though she was so young.

  4. finnfemme

    Hi Leslie,
    That’s very cool that you went to school with Patsy! I am sure she would probably remember you. I have become Facebook friends with her; she has an excellent memory and has lived a fascinating life, as well as being a humble, caring and giving person despite being celebrated as a gorgeous beauty.

  5. Janet Bollinger

    Patsy, didn’t you also live on the corner of 64th and second? Randi and Robin also lived in the building? You were young and replacing Jean shrimpton in an ad? Those are my memories.

  6. Patricia Wwbb

    Dear Janet,
    I did live at 64rh and 2nd Avenue for several years. I am still in touch with Robin but Randy isn’t on social media. And I do remember you, Leslie. I didn’t do hand modeling. during my modeling career that ended in the early 80’s, my hands were almost never shown. If there was a hand shot, they were hands of hand models.

  7. Lisa

    Hi, I remember the tv ad with Patsy and Bruce where she tucks a love letter into his uniform pocket. It was a desperately romantic 60s teen girls dream. We were all heartsick and lovesick and wanted to be her in her lace dress. I have been searching for a video of it to watch and share with my sisters and friends. Im around the same age now as Patsy. Much Love to Patsy and Bruce and you Marilyn.

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