Vintage 70s Mary Quant Cosmetics and Crocheted Hat

After searching for Yardley of London ads in my Seventeen magazines, I noticed a couple of ads from the 70s issues for Mary Quant Cosmetics Ltd. I had almost completely forgotten that Mary Quant, mod British designer of the miniskirt, produced a line of makeup as well. I remember trying a couple of her products (with the trademark mod daisy logo), but I was not completely enthralled by them as I was with Yardley’s.

Mary Quant makeup ad vintage 1975This is a really cool ad from March 1975 for MQ’s Good as Gold line. The model, Ingrid Boulting, has a real Biba-esque vibe going on. With huge eyes, cupid bow lips and golden curls, she just exudes the British Dolly look that was huge at the time. This particular makeup line of eye glosses, lipsticks and cheek color all had touches of gold, copper and henna for that ‘luscious shimmer’. Even the ombre pink crocheted “Suzette” hat was by Mary Quant. It is adorable!

Mary Quant Jelly Babies makeup vintage 1973This Mary Quant Jelly Babies ad is from June 1973, and has a decidedly beachy theme. Jelly Babies was a gel makeup line that was supposed to stay on while swimming, water skiing, or even a walk in the rain. It was supposed to give you a look ‘as natural as Nature itself’. Essentially a mixture of colour and moisture, it promised to smooth on easily and not dry until you’ve had plenty of time to blend. And, once on, it stays in place, without smudging and creasing all day. I vaguely remember trying this product briefly, with not such good results. Gels were hard for me to work with and I was usually looking for something to cover my zits, which a sheer gel decidedly did not do!



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  1. Diane Laag

    Dear Marilyn,
    I always look forward to your next fun filled topic . Mary Quant make-up was awesome. The colors, the little glass pots with her signature flower on them. You couldn’t buy them just anywhere. Mostly in boutiques and speciality stores.
    The model in the ad is Ingrid Boulting. She did a lot of the Biba ads .
    Biba also had a line of make- up. Beautiful rich colors. Lots of pigment. I recently saw a Yardley Slicker lipstick on eBay. It sold for 69.00. Crazy huh? Who would have thought?
    Thanks for always being so fun! Keep up the great work.

  2. finnfemme

    Hi Diane,
    Yes – Ingrid Boulting it is! Thank you for the correction. She did do a lot of work for Biba, so no wonder she has that Biba-esque look. I wish I could find Biba ANYTHING! I can’t find any ads or articles about them in Seventeen, but I will have to delve into some of my old Mademoiselle magazines to see if they have any Biba info. I am also on the lookout for vintage Biba clothing. There is this one dress maker that is “Bila”, and the label is similar in design to Biba’s. I run into those fairly often in the thrifts and just about have a heart attack thinking I’ve finally found a Biba!

  3. Diane Laag

    Hi Marilyn…. Thanks for your response. You can go on YouTube , type in London , Biba that sort of thing. You can see some videos on Biba. Also there is a more updated video with the woman who started the whole Biba look.
    You could perhaps go on eBay or maybe and look for a Biba poster. Good luck Marilyn! Till the next time…. Diane

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