Vintage 60s Yardley of London Dolly Face and Glimmerick Pails

Just when I think I’ve found all the Yardley of London ads in my stash of Seventeen magazines I find some more, which is always a delight! I go through my magazines from time to time looking for some particular item, and often run across ads that I’ve missed.  Of course my favorites are the 60s Yardley ads when they were British Mod and cool.

Yardley of London Dolly Face vintage 1968This Dolly Face Beauty Mask by Yardley ad is from 1968. They made facial masks in 5 silvery pastels: Shock Silver, Blimey Blue, Giddy Green, Pink-a-Dolly Pink, and Penny Pumpkin. The packaging is fabulous too. You got to chose a color – I mean, how groovy is that? Now you could look all colorful while you “loosen blackheads, get rid of oiliness, and pink your face as smooth and relaxed as though you had ten hours of fresh sleep!”. Does anyone use facial masks anymore? I know that I used to do them all the time in the 60s and 70s. I can say for certain that there is not currently a facial mask out there today that is offered in 5 colors though. Beauty was certainly a lot more fun back then.

Yardley of London Glimmerick eye shadow vintage 1969Next up is the Glimmerick Sunshine Pales from 1969. This is Yardley’s Glimmerick Water-Color Eyeshadows that came in cute little pails (pales in pails, get it? Har har). Meant to be all summery pale and shimmerful, “like washing your lids with liquid sunshine”. In colors of Sunshine ‘n Sand, a pinky beige; Sunshine ‘n Blue, a sky -blue blue; and Sunshine ‘n Green, a frothy summer seascape. Again, Yardley’s packaging and presentation is marvelous – that adorable little flowered pail with handles is just waaay too cute. Okay, now I’m getting all poignant and nostalgic for Yardley of London makeup again. But I am so glad that I got to experience it first-hand in the 60s and 70s when I was a teenager.



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  1. Angie Wall

    I too loved and used Yardley in the 60s and have bought Slicker lipsticks, Dolly white blush, and my favorite Yardley Eyelighter on EBay at outrageous prices. Of course Jean Shrimpton, The Shrimp, was the original supermodel and was in all those great Yardley ads. The 60s were so awesome!

  2. Mitzi Osborn

    I’m now a old woman of 65 . I grew up with these . My girlfriends we had so much fun on over night visits
    They also back then I wish I could find again . They had something you could spray in your hair it made it soft & shiney it also leave it with the most lovely sense . Wish we could find you here . Remember I’m stop you youngin y’all never smelt.the shampoo orginal Herbal Essence girls & young Ladies boy have you missed out . That was the best shampoo ever . For us baby boomers they should bring it back . We young ones from the 60’s & 70’s we changed the world . A lot of stuff y’all have it.come from your dad & mother ..Hey Yardley , Y’all bring back the old Herbal Essense you would have so many ladies of my age buying from you . That smell of the shampoo I would so love to smell it one more time before I die . Yardley for Still Being Around
    Blessings of Light & Love to each each of you
    Spirit Walker 55. PEACE YALL

  3. finnfemme

    Hi Mitzi!
    I am also 65 years old, so I know of what you speak! The 60s and 70s were a great time to be a teenager, and we had so many wonderful beauty products. I do wish Yardley would bring back their fantastic cosmetic line though too!

  4. emilia

    I love reading your article and I hope that I will read some more about this stuff, it’s really informative and very entertaining. Thanks a lot and have a great day.

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