Really? Yardley of London Grandma’s Lip Licks 1972

I was rather amused (and a bit sad) when I ran across this Yardley ad for Lip Licks from 1972, as I think I finally found the thing that possibly contributed to the end of Yardley’s makeup line. Lip Licks lipstick was promoted to give you the ‘shiniest, yummiest-tasting lips he’s ever met’. This is all well and good because Yardley DID make the most fabulous lipsticks on the planet. But I wonder about this particular advertising bent – evoking Grandma in your boyfriend’s mind? Not particularly sexy – especially after all the groovy, mod, and romantic advertising campaigns Yardley promoted in the 60s – models Jean Shrimpton, Patsy Sullivan, and Olivia Hussey in particular.

Yardley of London Lip Licks ad vintage 1972It seems as though Yardley was going for a more wholesome bent, with Lip Licks tasting and smelling like the grand goodies from Grandma’s kitchen. ‘So kiss him in his favorite flavor‘. The ‘flavors’ were Grandma’s Spicy Gingerbread, Grandma’s Candied Apple, Grandma’s Fluffy Pink Marshmallow, Grandma’s Dark Sweet Cocoa, Grandma’s Snappy Cinnamon, and Grandma’s Whipped Cream Punkin Pie. The ad shows some wholesome, generic-looking models smiling over a table full of whipped cream, pumpkin pie, cookies, hot chocolate, and candied apples. Noooooo, Yardley of London, noooooo! I feel that this was your downfall; straying away from your fabulous British uniqueness.

In any event, I really miss the awesomeness that was Yardley of London makeup. I would love to see a revival of their cosmetics line, but only if they play up its fab Yardley of LONDON originality.


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  1. Diane Laag

    Dear Marilyn, Very well said.,Yardley lipsticks had that very distinct scent. In fact,while reading your post the smell came right back to me.
    Not to mention the pretty cases they came in.
    It seems as though you cannot find any of these lipsticks anywhere besides on eBay if you are lucky and they are so very expensive.
    So I am in favor of Yardley bringing back these wonderful lipsticks in the original cases from the 60’s.
    Also I would love to see “Oh de London “come back again. Loved the scent of this beautiful fragrance.
    The ads for “Oh de London” would come on during commercial breaks when The Monkees were on.
    They also had Twiggy commercials for her false eyelashes.
    Loved everything about this era.
    It’s just nice to hang on to these memories isn’t it?

  2. Diane Laag

    Hi Marilyn! There was a Yardley lipstick in perfect condition( unused) on eBay for $69.00. Who would have thought?

  3. finnfemme

    Hi Diane!
    Wow, $69.00? Too bad I didn’t hoard the lipsticks back in the day – I would have made a killing! 😀

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