Putting an End to Hair Coloring…Maybe

vintage redhead girlI’ve decided that I’m done with dyeing my hair to keep it at a somewhat semblance to what color it was in my younger years. I never thought I’d come to this point as I’m a natural golden auburn redhead, and it really has been part of my identity my entire life.

I started coloring my hair in my early 40s, when my son was a laser-eyed preschooler who pointed out every gray strand on my head. Since I was a somewhat older mother, I decided to start covering the grays if only to save my son’s face when he started elementary school. And every couple of months thereafter, I did the whole hair coloring thing to keep the golden reddish glow to my hair.

Gray hairNow that I am in my late 50s, and my son is away at college, I got to thinking that maybe I don’t have to keep up this facade anymore. Maybe I should just let my natural color grow in, whatever that shade is. Maybe I should just trust nature and believe that my natural shade at this age is what it should be. Since I last colored my hair about 2 months ago, a look at my roots growing in shows that it is kind a burnished pewter color. Around my temples it is lighter, so it is not all gray by any means, just a more subdued metallic hue.

It will be a new adventure to have my hair grow in naturally, and not have to subject my hair and scalp to the increasingly irritating chemicals of hair dye. It will be interesting to see what color my hair grows in to. And if I change my mind and really hate it…well, there’s a box of hair color that I have stashed away. It is, after all, a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. 😀


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