In the PINK 1969 Fashions

Spring is just around the corner (I keep telling myself), and I have been longing to wear my very favorite color – PINK!  Since it is still so cold I plowed through my cashmere sweater pile and found two bright pink ones that I could layer – a turtleneck and a cardigan. It felt good to wear that joyous color again! Pink is the color of happiness, and bright pink encourages action and confidence. I then flipped through the February and March 1969 issues of Seventeen to see if I could find some groovy pink fashions. I was tickled pink to find these pretty styles!

Pink raincoat - vintage 1969Pretty in Pink raincoat! Called the ‘dirndlcoat’, it is tucked, belted and buckled. Apparently Dacron polyester was huge in 1969 – it wasn’t supposed to wilt or wrinkle. Top it with a cute pink knit hat and you’re good.

MCall's dress patterns vintage 1969Sew your own pink clothes! Home sewing was huge in 1969 since most of our mothers sewed and we (girls) were required to take Home Ec. I was a terrible seamstress but my mom was an excellent one. She sewed most of my clothes and I got to pick out cute patterns like these. McCall’s pattern 9732 in on the left, and pattern 9715 is on the right. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the pink polka-dot empire mini dress – ADORABLE!

Pink Vintage 1969 FashionsReally cute casual wear, along with pink shoes. Liberty print blouse and homespun pink miniskirt on the left, Gingham check sleeveless shell and matching jamaica shorts on the left. Like the raincoat above, these too are made of Dacron.

Pink Vintage 1969 Dress FashionsMore pink Dacron, we’re on a roll here. These mini dresses are sweetly feminine with ruffles, bows and flirty shapes. Love the knee socks and white pantyhose. One never went bare-legged!

Vintage 1969 Pink Nylon NightgownsPink was for night too! Pink Lady nylon tricot nightgowns with ruffled touches of white lace. And the piece de resistance is those fabulous pink slippers.

Vintage 1969 Prince Matchabelli love letter setSince Valentine’s Day is nigh, I will end with this wonderful pink ad for the Beloved Love Letter Set by Prince Matchabelli. It included Beloved cologne perfume, scented sealing wax, and a golden cherub wax sealer. Everything you needed to write the perfect love letter, which apparently had become a ‘lost art’ by 1969. It is suggested in the ad that considering boys today are so busy with the draft and demonstrating, it takes something very special to make them notice you. Only in the 60s! 🙂

THINK PINK! ~Marilyn

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