The Vintage 1972 Biba-esque Baby Look

Seventeen magazine - September 1972Since I’d been ignoring that particular year, I decided to take a look at the 1972 editions of Seventeen magazine that I have. I was in for a pleasant surprise! I have been searching for evidence of the early 70s British-based Biba look here in America and had been coming up with nothing. Biba was all the rage in England, with the ‘The Biba Look’ or ‘Dudu Look’ being “fresh little foals with long legs, bright faces and round dolly eyes”. But, VOILA, here in a couple of 1972 issues I found examples of what Seventeen magazine was calling the Baby look, the American version of what was going on across the pond. It did seem relegated to 1972 though; a brief rather quirky trend.

Vintage 1972 fashions Soft pastel colors, with cloche hats topped with cherries suited the Baby look.








Vintage 1972 hair and makeupSleek bowl cut with long bangs and face-framing sides. Bold-colored eye makeup with rosy cheeks and red lips.








Vintage 1972 fashionsCute dresses, with bows and barrettes in hair.








Vintage 1972 fashionsFloral print mini dresses, tennis whites, cloche hats, curls, and lots of makeup.








Vintage 1972 fashionsSlinky nightgown, floral ruffled smock dress, and red gingham and cherries smock shirt. Kewpie baby doll makeup. Curls and bows in hair.








Vintage 1972 fashionsPink flannel floral dress and turquoise cloche.








Vintage 1972 fashionsHeavily made up baby doll faces with cropped tops.








It was a really great look, probably more suited to Brits than Yanks though! I don’t remember wearing this look at all, it was so briefly in style it seemed. But I’m glad I found a bit of evidence that the trend did make it here in the USA after all.


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