Funky and Clunky Vintage 1971 Shoes

While flipping through my vintage 1971 Seventeen magazines, I was struck by the shoe ads. Were the shoes and boots we wore in that particular year really THAT ugly? Page after page of  horrendously designed shoes. Was it a style aberration for that particular year? I was a high school sophomore then, and I definitely don’t remember wearing any of these styles. Anyway, here’s a blast from the shoe and boot fashion annals of 1971…

Funky/Dexter shoe ad vintage 1971“It Takes a Funky Chicken to Lay a Funky Egg – Funky by Dexter”

Yeah, these are pretty funky all right. At least they are aptly named. Flat multi-colored suede lace-up shoes and tall lace-up boots. The shoes made you walk like a duck. I actually like the funky boots though, but I’ve always had a weakness for boots. I would wear them now; I wasn’t so funky in 1971.








Capezio shoe ad vintage 1971“The Showstoppers – Capezio”

Who knew Capezio made shoes, other than dance shoes? Well I didn’t . These sandals and boots are pretty far-out, man! I would kill for those lace-up, buckled, gladiator “Shepherd” boots. I really missed out on these, they are FABULOUS!








Connie Shoe ad vintage 1971“She Loves Puppies and Preppies and Connies”

Shoes for the new romantic who has her heart on her sleeve, her head in the clouds, but her feet are firmly on the road to fashion in her wardrobe of Connies. These are more on the line of what I would have worn – especially the heeled lace-up and the purple suede Gibson strap. They were more fashionable than funky. And in 1971 I was more into fashion than funk.








“BaBakers-Leeds shoe ad vintage 1971kers and Leeds Qualicraft Shoes”

The great suede tie-up, with super soles, hearty heels and round bump toes. And the requisite patchwork suede purse. Suede was huge in the early 7os. I remember shopping at Leeds a lot. I think I got most of my shoes there…just not any of these.








Funky/Dexter 2 Shoe ad vintage 1971“It Takes a Funky Chicken to Lay a Funky Egg – Funky by Dexter”

Here’s another ad from Funky Shoes, featuring more flat-footed crepe-soled suede lace-up shoes. You could get a funky saddle style, a funky quasi-athletic style, or a funky ankle boot style.









Fanfare Boots ad vintage 1971“Boots by Fanfares”

Low boots, high boots. Buckled or tied boots. You and your boots by Fanfares. What a team!  The tall boots she is wearing are completely awesome. Actually I love all of these boots. Because I love boots. The lace-up/buckle duo ankle boot is especially rad – I would definitely wear those now.








Fashion Craft shoe boot ad vintage 1971 “Fit To Be Tied – Fashion Craft”

More shoes…but the pièce de résistance here is those boots. Kind of a funky hippie look, with a lace-up tapestry style called “Rug”. Only in 1971.









Hush Puppies Hot Heels shoe ad vintage 1971“The 12 Hour Shoe – Hot Heels by Hush Puppies”

I saved the best, actually the worst, for last. Look at these formidable clunkers! The 12 Hour Shoe? They look like they could survive the apocalypse. They are called “Hot Heels”, to be worn with Hot Pants or Hot Skirts. They were meant to look great and feel even better – wear them from a.m. to p.m. – they’re the 12 hour shoes. In reality they probably killed your feet and caused blisters lugging these babies around all day. On a good note, they probably were a good self-defense weapon. But some styles are definitely meant to stay in the past. 🙂









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