Slicker Lip Polish Phone Dial by Yardley 1968

Slicker Dial by Yardley ad 1968This “colorful, gaily decorated, whimsey of a dialing disc” seems to be in keeping with all things groovy that Yardley of London wanted to perpetuate in the late 60s.  Packaged with the six different Slicker Lip Polishes,  this rather fabulous-looking dial was meant to slip on your phone for decoration.  Of course, the only phones back then were your standard-issue Ma Bell dial landlines.

I do like the white phone in the ad, it’s very pretty.  Of course when I was growing up, we had one phone for the entire family and it was beige.  I think I may have even gotten this Yardley dial, along with the lip slicker, but I doubt it would have lasted 10 seconds if I would have put it on our phone!

I don’t recognize the model, but her Princess-Leia ear wrap hairstyle is rather unique.  Love her Victorian lace blouse, mod eye makeup, and pretty pink fingernails.  The last thing I notice is what they are supposed to be advertising; her Slicker Lip Polish.

I love the names of the lip polishes, which harken back to the day when we all had land-lines:  ‘Hot-line’, ‘Long Distance’, ‘Frosted’, ‘Good Night’, ‘Person-to-Person’, and ‘Basic’.  All in keeping with the social networking era of 1968. 🙂


2 Responses to “Slicker Lip Polish Phone Dial by Yardley 1968”

  1. Patsy Webb

    that picture is me, Patsy Sullivan. I followed Olivia Hussey and was under contract to Yardley from 1968 to 1972

  2. Patsy Webb

    The Soul Eyes as is also me, Patsy Sullivan. The romantic ad with model turned Photographer Bruce Weber for Face Slicker is also me.

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