Jean Shrimpton, Yardley of London & The Age of Aquarius 1969

Jean Shrimpton-Yardley of London ad 1969Once again I have found myself in the stacks of my old ’60s Seventeen magazines, looking for groovy ads.  Here is another fab one from one of my favorite ’60s companies, Yardley of London.  Gawd, I loved their mod, hip makeup ads using such British beauties as Olivia Hussey and Jean Shrimpton.

This one is from the September, 1969 issue of Seventeen.  Featuring the drop-dead gorgeous Jean Shrimpton, it is advertising the Yardley Slicker Lip Polishes, er, the Super-Magical New Slicker.   With colorful cosmic astrological artwork, it’s really fitting in with the whole Age of Aquarius vibe that was rocking the era.  The lipstick colors are really pretty pinks and corals; this was definitely not the time for dark red lipstick!  And with it you also got your free horoscope!  Astrology was very big back then.

Image (276)I remember saving my babysitting money and buying Yardley of London makeup in the ’60s and ’70s.  I loved the packaging, the scent, the advertising, and just the whole cool, mod British Beat experience that it evoked.  I think that’s what started me on the love of all things British, and on to becoming a full-fledged Anglophile!




2 Responses to “Jean Shrimpton, Yardley of London & The Age of Aquarius 1969”

  1. Susan

    They were the best products and of course I went to see Jean Shrimpton at G Fox in the sixties.

  2. Jc Morton

    Big Jean Shrimpton fan! I still have my Slicker Lipstick in ” Pebble Pink” sitting on my dressing table… !!!!! When I open up the top and take a “wif ” it smells exactly how I remember!!!! What a wonderful site this is! Thank you!!!

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