Jean Shrimpton 60s Hairdos and Yardley Slicker Dolly Bus

Jean Shrimpton-Yardley Lip Slickers 1968From the November 1968 Seventeen magazine issue, here is the mod Jean Shrimpton advertising the Yardley Slicker Dolly Bus – eight dreamy Slicker Lip Polishes in a really cute double-decker London bus.  This is awesome!  In frosted, shimmery shades that were so cool, the lip polishes were meant to be worn over your lipstick, or alone for a little wet lick.

Jean Shrimpton 60s Hairdos-Yardley Londonderry“The Shrimp” continues with Yardley’s Make Me a Model lessons.  Here she shows you one Super Set Trick for 3 model hairdos with Londonderry Hair Setting Foam.  The Basic Set is to wash with Londonderry Shampoo, and condition with Londonderry Hair Conditioner.  Then Comb Londonderry Hair Setting Foam through hair and wind downward on big rollers from center down both sides and back.

Does anyone set their hair on rollers anymore?  But, I digress…

For style 1 – Fluff up crown hair and secure.  Cascade side hair behind ears.  For style 2 – Section hair.  Tease, wind around finger, secure with flower or ribbon pins.   Hold tightly and shine with Londonderry Shiner.  For style 3 – For loose pigtails: Part hair down the middle of entire head, and tie two bunches with daisies or roses.

I think these styles are pretty cool for a romantic 60s hippie boho vibe.  Again, I think these hairstyles are a bit more complicated than they depict, but in the 60s most everyone actually did structured hairdos so it seemed plausible.


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  1. bebe

    Wow, this really takes me back. I had the entire Londonderry Hair collection, and the Slicker Dolly Bus as well. The products were high quality, and delivered the goods (results). The whimsical packaging was a large part of their appeal as well, and I still have a few empty containers, as they were much too pretty to throw out. I also have a Heartbreaker eye compact, a Glimmerick waterbased eyeshadow paintbox, some Oh! de London cologne, and a bunch of full size Slickers and London Look lipsticks, as well as a booklet of skin, hair and makeup tutorials from 1968 that Yardley gave to anyone who made a purchase at their flagship boutique in New York. Whatever happened to Yardley anyway? They still make English Lavender perfume, but I believe that’s it. I wish they would re-release their entire London Look collection, even if only as a limited edition..I would be thrilled to no end!

  2. finnfemme

    Hi Bebe,
    Thanks for sharing your Yardley experience! I too, wish that Yardley of London would come back with makeup and hair care products. I think the only products they have left are their soaps and English Lavender perfume, which are nice but rather boring. They had quite a run in the 60s and 70s.

    I can still vividly remember the smell, taste, and texture of their glorious Pot o’ Gloss lip gloss. That stuff was exquisite! Not only was Yardley’s advertising fabulous, but they had the products to back it up. Come back, Yardley of London! 😀

  3. marilyn

    Yes agreed
    I bought some NOS yardley many years back from a closed up Texas drugstore that was only open one day! The packaging and graphics were so great! Wish I still had my slickers!

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