The Realistic Vintage 50s Homemaker

I love the advertisements in vintage 40s and 50s women’s magazines; when domestic goddesses reigned supreme.  I especially love laundry-related advertising, because they always make what was a very labor-intensive task back then, very enticing indeed.  Almost thrilling!  Case in point, the 1949 Duz ad, where the happy homemaker seems positively buzzed with excitement. 😀

I was also struck by this 40s/50s ad for Duz Soap (Safe Suds!  Whiter Washes!)  Struck because it just seems incredibly realistic.  It shows a harried woman running circles around a mountain of laundry, and the helpful answer that you better get this NEW KIND of soap – DUZ does Everything!  The cheerful homemaker is in a full apron and kerchief on her head.  Rather on the “stout” side (as overweight women were called back then), and looking decidedly real, albeit a bit too ecstatic.  No makeup, but she does sport a rather fetching red polish manicure!

I love the drying rack and the clothesline in the ad, because that is exactly how I dry my laundry now.  Some household designs never change, and you really can’t improve much on a simple line or wooden rack to dry your laundry efficiently.  I like this particular vintage laundress depiction too.  Because no matter the decade, no matter the woman, we are all pretty psyched when our laundry turns out great.

“After enlightenment, the laundry.” ~Zen Proverb

~Marilyn Huttunen

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