Sweet Vintage 50s Cropped Cardigan Knitting Pattern

I realize that it may seem a bit odd that I’m posting knitting patterns when it’s almost summer, but it has been so cool and rainy here in Seattle that it seems like perfect knitting weather!  I am not one to knit in hot weather; I find it most sticky and annoying.  But for those that do, you can work on knitting those pretty cardigans for fall and winter wearing.

This pattern from 1954 is just adorable.  It is a button-up, long-sleeve cardigan with a snazzy collar.  It calls for it to be knitted in petite knitting worsted, but I think it would look smashing in fluffy angora or mohair.

As always, happy knitting!  🙂     Cardigan Sweater Knitting Pattern

~Marilyn Huttunen

3 Responses to “Sweet Vintage 50s Cropped Cardigan Knitting Pattern”

  1. Sandra

    Would love to know the origin of this pattern so that I can add it to Ravelry and knit it.

  2. Ulrika Hjärpe

    It would be nice to get the pattern to Barbies travelldress for my sister. She make clouths for her granddothers Barbies and they need more clouths.
    Thanks from

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