Princess Kate: A Most Practical Royal Fashionista

It’s been just over a week since the lovely royal wedding of Kate and William.  I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding; thought it was sheer perfection, not over the top with that fairy tale imagination that makes me want to barf.  You see, I think that Kate is secretly a practical fashionista.  But I think that her down-to-earth, decidedly un-fairy princesslike practicality is revealing itself pretty quickly.

They only had a quick weekend honeymoon, and then it was back to the military for William, and back to being a military housewife for Kate.  This was quite impressive to me.  I actually think honeymoons are highly overrated, especially after a royal wedding.  I’m sure with all the pomp, circumstance, and intense media attention for months on end, going back to their small home on the island of Anglesey must have felt incredibly freeing.  I feel that just getting back to some semblance of normal (or as normal as royals can get) is a great start to a marriage.

Then we see the pictures of Kate grocery shopping!  How ‘normal’ can you get?  Yup, pretty much all of us grab that shopping cart (or trolley) every week and do the mundane task of shopping for groceries.  Of course, she looks fabulous, even while doing a decidedly housewifely task.  Dressed in French Sole ballet flats, Hudson skinny jeans, long-line white cashmere sweater (jumper) and a green frilled shrug shawl – she looks incredibly chic.

It will be a delight to follow Kate’s escapades in the years to come.  If they are more of the commonplace variety, all the better.  We need more practical levelheadedness in this world.  And if she looks stylish while doing so, it will give us all a kick in the pants to make an effort to look good while running around doing errands.

Even though you are a royal princess, Kate, I admire your willingness to jump into the daily flow of everyday life with a smile on your face.  And from one Practical Fashionista to another, I say: Good on you!  🙂


~Marilyn Huttunen

One Response to “Princess Kate: A Most Practical Royal Fashionista”

  1. finnfemme

    I’m really not a copycat (no…really :-D), but today I happen to be wearing my French Sole ballet flats, and skinny jeans like Kate.

    And does anyone else think Kate looks like a young Elizabeth Taylor?

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