Hat’s Off To Princess Beatrice!

Princess Beatrice’s fascinating fascinator has completely grabbed the attention of the world!  This is quite a feat considering the massive attention placed on Prince William and Princess Catherine’s royal wedding.  A lone hat seems to be the shining star of the whole occasion, well, at least of the supporting cast.  It has even eclipsed Pippa Middleton’s exquisitely elegant bridesmaid dress in popularity.

Designed by famed UK milliner, Philip Treacy, the tea rose colored creation is a gravity-defying sculptural masterpiece.  The wildly swirling wedding bow is worn on the front hairline, held in place by a clear headband.

I am saying this as an American, where we are not so bold in our wedding attire, but Princess Beatrice has a lot of chutzpah and I admire her for it!  She is directing the focus of the hat to a charitable auction on eBay, with proceeds of the sale going to Unicef UK, and Children in Crisis.  Currently the bidding is over $11,000.00,  I hope the bidding goes much higher.  My hat is definitely off to Princess Beatrice for doing this.

I’ve been duly inspired by the hat-wearing Brits.  I have never worn a hat; probably because of my big head, I can never find one to fit me.  But the problem of head sizes seems to be solved by wearing a fascinator.  They could fit on any type of head and tipped at any rakish angle.  It would be great if Americans adopted oh-so stylish millinery wear.   But I really don’t think we could quite pull it off like the Brits…maybe some things are best left to them!

“I can wear a hat, or take it off, but either way it’s a conversation piece.”   ~ Hedda Hopper

~Marilyn Huttunen


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  1. finnfemme

    This is very strange; Princess Beatrice’s hat auction on eBay has been halted or ended. Bidding was up over $120,000 and it was supposed to end on Sunday, May 22nd. Now it shows that it ended May 21 at $8,097.50. No explanation as of yet!

  2. finnfemme

    This was eBay’s explanation for the halting of the hat auction:
    “Due to a technical issue, eBay erroneously suspended the auction of the item. However, the auction is now back up and running, and will conclude on Sunday as planned. eBay has apologised for any inconvenince the disruption may have caused.”

    The auction was put up again for one day (May 22nd), and bidding ended at $131.341.47.

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