Walking In My Newfangled Antishoes

walkingI really love taking walks around my neighborhood.  It’s good exercise, I get fresh air, chat with my neighbors, and it’s free!  No membership fees to a sweat-filled gym for me.  While I enjoyed walking,  it really wasn’t necessarily meeting the workout requirements for me…or at least I wasn’t feeling much benefit.  So when I first started hearing about the rolling rocker exercise walking shoes, my interest was piqued!  They looked big and clunky and were expensive, so that threw a wrench in my plans for awhile.

Well this all changed a few weeks ago when I found a pair of MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) “antishoes” (as they call them).  They looked brand new, were in my size, and yes, they were at a second-hand store – hooray!   I was finally going to be able to try them without breaking the bank!  MBT’s are based on a principle of natural instability, like walking barefoot on natural ground such as sand.  They are supposed to activate muscles, improve posture, and help the back.  Worth a try!

Trying them on for the first time, I felt like I was putting on Herman Munster boots!  They are definitely big and clunky – quite heavy too.  Walking around the house, they actually started to feel good.  Trying them on my walk was really fun.   Once I got into the rolling rhythm, I was chugging along or rather, gliding.  My posture improved greatly as you just naturally stand up much straighter wearing them.  I feel like a well-oiled walking machine in them.

When I took them off I had the same sensation I feel after I take roller or ice-skates off  – kind of like getting my land legs again.  I definitely felt muscles twinges (activating?) and more like I had a workout.  So I really think there is something to these shoes.  It has only been a couple weeks, but I’m feeling the benefits already and hope to reap more.  In fact, I already have my eye on the sandal antishoe…thinking ahead to those hot summer walks!


3 Responses to “Walking In My Newfangled Antishoes”

  1. deb

    Would love to see a picture of the shoes.. I was wondering if they really work..now I know.. 🙂

  2. Trixie

    I wear Vibram Five Fingers Shoes, they have toes and are like walking barefoot, which is supposed to stimulate and exercise the muscles in your feet and lower legs, making you stronger and healthier, improving your balance, agility and proprioception, whatever that is! They really do make me feel good though. And I’d snap up a pair of those Anti-Shoes too, given the chance. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for them. Happy Walking!

  3. finnfemme

    Hi Trixie! Yes, I’m still walking in my MBT shoes…they are quite something! It looks like Sketchers came out with a similiar shoe at about half the price of MBT’s, but they are still spendy (over $100). You know us Vinties…got to find things at an amazingly good price! 🙂


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