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Walking Around Looking At Clouds

My favorite form of exercise is just plain old walking around my neighborhood. Walking is fantastic for so many reasons – the main ones being that it’s free, and you get a healthy dose of nature and fresh air in the process. It is also more ‘organic’ for lack of a better word. No driving… Read more »

Autumn’s Glory In My Own Backyard

It’s kind of funny how sometimes I fail to recognize the beauty that is literally in my own backyard. Maybe because it’s always there, and my eyes just adjust to the everyday scene. But today was a day that kind of jolted me a bit and made me look at my surroundings with whole new… Read more »

Walking In My Newfangled Antishoes

I really love taking walks around my neighborhood.  It’s good exercise, I get fresh air, chat with my neighbors, and it’s free!  No membership fees to a sweat-filled gym for me.  While I enjoyed walking,  it really wasn’t necessarily meeting the workout requirements for me…or at least I wasn’t feeling much benefit.  So when I… Read more »