Summer Linen and Crystal Stick

I’m trying a couple of new things with the advent of (the long awaited!) summer weather.  The transition from cold to hot weather is always a bit of a quandary for me.  One day I’m wearing wool socks, boots, jeans and a cashmere turtleneck; the next I’m madly scrambling for my summer wear!  It just seems to happen so fast around here and I’m rarely prepared.

One thing I’m trying is the Crystal Stick deodorant.  It’s a big hunk of natural mineral salts completely free of perfumes and chemicals.  I really liked the fact that it was so natural; but was a bit skeptical to see if really worked.  I mean, it has absolutely none of the bells and whistles that deodorant marketers like to pound in our skulls.  It’s just an utterly plain and simple piece of crystal salt!

You have to wet it and apply.  No scent, no gunk – clear, clean pure simplicity.  But would it work?  After now trying it for several weeks I can say, “yes it does”.  It has worked through some 90 degree days, mowing my lawn, doing yard and housework, exercising and just day to day living.  I’m sold…and the fact that it lasts at least a year appeals to the frugality in me!

I’m also rediscovering wearing linen.  I can see why linen is such a time-honored summer cloth.  It is cool and keeps your body well ventilated.  It gets wrinkled, yes, but a bit of rumpling is endearing I think.  It also washes beautifully and just loves a good drying on the clothesline!

Here’s to summer!


3 Responses to “Summer Linen and Crystal Stick”

  1. Nancy W

    Hi~ I have used the crystal rock for over 25 years (on and off) and it really is great….the salts neutralize the bacteria that causes the odor and yes, your pore still “sweat” which is exactly what we want, our pores to release the liquid. I recently told my girlfriend about it, and she is using it too!

  2. Nancy W

    AND! there is no odor so we can still use our favorite lotions and perfumes!

  3. finnfemme

    Yes Nancy, it is the most incredible product! I also like how it doesn’t leave any residue on clothing.

    Also, I’ve been more aware lately not to use products that contain parabens. It seems that all the other so-called “natural” deodorants still contain parabens. I’m staying with the crystal rock. 🙂

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