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Autumn’s Glory In My Own Backyard

It’s kind of funny how sometimes I fail to recognize the beauty that is literally in my own backyard. Maybe because it’s always there, and my eyes just adjust to the everyday scene. But today was a day that kind of jolted me a bit and made me look at my surroundings with whole new… Read more »

That Poignant Autumn Transition

All of a sudden it’s October and we’re well past the autumnal equinox. Even though it’s one of my favorite times of year, autumn always carries with it a certain poignancy. The active hustle-bustle of summertime with its parties, BBQs, and reunions has slowed to a standstill.  My son is back at college, and I… Read more »

Vintage Perfume Season

The change of seasons means a change of scents for me; I like to switch it up with the weather.  So as we head more deeply into fall, I am doing a bit of experimentation with my array of vintage perfumes that I seem to collect with amazing speed (I can’t help it, I’m utterly… Read more »

Spider Webs and Clotheslines: Autumn is Here

We have had an amazingly long and beautiful summer here in Seattle – oh wait – it’s autumn already!  I rather feel like I’m living in an alternate universe; this uncharacteristic dry and warm weather feels like we’ve been transported to California.  I can’t remember the last time it rained, but I can definitely say… Read more »

Yes, It Is Okay to Wash Your (Cashmere, Wool, Mohair, Angora) Sweater!

I have spent the morning washing vintage sweaters; one intricate hand knit wool Norwegian sweater, a fluffy white angora sweater, a beaded vintage angora/lambswool sweater, an alpaca sweater, and a cashmere sweater.  Yes, I washed them in actual soap and water as I have done for years…and even more shocking, in my washing machine.  I… Read more »