Swedish Christmas Tree for the Birds

Christmas Tree for the Birds – Mademoiselle December 1973 – FINNFEMME

Here’s a festive eco-friendly holiday project to try! A Christmas tree for the birds is a lovely tradition that began in Sweden in the 16th century. Perfect for feeding our hungry feathered friends in the 21st century (particularly during a pandemic). 😀

You decorate the tree with various bird-friendly foodstuffs: garlands of popcorn, cranberries and stale bread. Pine cones stuffed with peanut butter and rolled in birdseed, and hanging apples, carrots and Indian corn. You can make up a batch of suet cakes: mix up equal parts of melted beef suet and sugar syrup (3 parts water and 1 part sugar boiled together). While still soft, add nuts seeds or breadcrumbs. Form into balls. Chill and hang with string. Thanks to the Audubon Society for the recipe.

Sprinkle a wide circle of seeds around the trunk for ground feeders (pheasant, quail, snipe). Fill a plastic container with sunflower seeds, cut a notch in the rim for perching and nail to tree.


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