Knit a Vintage 50s Nordic Ski Sweater and Cap

Knit a Vintage 1958 Nordic Ski Sweater and Cap

This is a beautiful vintage 1958 ski sweater and cap pattern to knit! It has a gorgeous traditional Nordic/Fair Isle yoke pattern that is always classic and fashionable. Instructions and sizing info below.

Happy knitting! 🙂


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  1. Coble Thurman

    Hi Marilyn~ Discovered you today as I’m researching vintage ski seaters. Like you I find them interesting works of art. Each year in November I purchase one for my wife’s birthday. We are both avid skiers and are on the history committee of our ski club founded in 1929 here in Colorado. Our early founders cut the first ski trail and constructed our original lodge in 1933, making us one of the oldest ski clubs in America. I’ve researched many photos from those early days and like to wear the styles from yesteryear while up at the lodge. Would you know a good source to purchase from? Thank You, Coble. Denver, CO

  2. finnfemme

    Hi Coble,
    I think your best bet for vintage ski sweaters would be eBay! They usually have a good collection from vintage sellers on there. I used to sell on eBay, and sold many a gorgeous vintage ski sweaters back in the day.
    Marilyn 🙂

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