Yardley’s Pot o’Gloss Lights Up Your Face, 1972

Model Karen Hensley for Yardley’s Pot o’ Gloss, 1972

I thought I’d exhausted all the Yardley Pot o’ Gloss ads, but I believe that I found one that I haven’t posted before! From the August 1972 issue of Glamour magazine, this ad features the beautiful model Karen Hensley “transforming” her face by using Pot o’ Gloss. It mentions that Karen was a sophomore at Fordham University at the time, but doesn’t mention that she was also a Ford model (thanks, Google search). So it would have been a stretch for us mere teenage schlubs to expect to have have the same results.

Of course I, and millions of other young women, were devoted fans of Pot o’ Gloss. It just felt good on, had staying power and came in deliciously lovely shades. Smelled awesome too! Maybe deep down we felt that our faces were also brightened up by using it. We couldn’t expect to look like Karen Hensley, but maybe we were a more confident version of ourselves.


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