Vintage 1970s Dingo Boots for Men and Women

Dingo Boots ad, 1976

One of the fashion trends for the mid-1970s was for tall, heavy boots – the chunkier the better! There was sort of a unisex style craze, where men and women dressed pretty much the same. In this ad – from Cosmopolitan magazine, September 1976 – Dingo boots capitalizes on this trend by offering long, tall super-stitched leather boots for both men and women.

Dingo, along with Frye Boots, were the leading makers of these sturdy, well-constructed boots. They simply wore like iron! I did wear these type of boots in the 70s, but I liked a slimmer, less chunky style.

I still run across these vintage boots at thrift stores, and most of them are in pretty great condition. They were made in the USA, and built to last.


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  1. Marilyn

    I love those boots–and I’m still a huge fan of the Frye Campus boot!

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