Crochet a Vintage 70s Flamboyant Granny Square Afghan – Free Pattern

This is a beautiful vintage 1973 crochet pattern for a Flamboyant Afghan. The granny squares are crocheted in a lucid pattern that uses simple chains and double crochet. From the nimble fingers and lively imagination of designer Liz Dominick. Instructions are below. Please click on images to enlarge.

Enjoy! ~Marilyn

3 Responses to “Crochet a Vintage 70s Flamboyant Granny Square Afghan – Free Pattern”

  1. Peggy

    In 1979 I made an afghan from this pattern as a wedding gift for my Division Manager. Used all my spare yarn and not too much else that I had to buy. Sad to say I don’t have a photo of the finished gift, but my cat Kristin jumped right on it when I displayed the afghan on my sofa. I loved the design for the squares! So glad to find your posting. Peggy

  2. Danna

    Made this in the 70’s as a gift for my grandmother. Lost my pattern and have been looking for this pattern for years. Thank you for posting. Now I can make one for myself.

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