1973 Betsey Johnson Alley Cat Happy Go-Lucky Separates

This super fab Alley Cat by Betsey Johnson ad from the August 1973 issue of Seventeen magazine epitomizes early ’70s fashions for me! This is a look I adored, with all its crazy prints and bright colors. Betsey’s fashions were so fun, kicky, and a bit quirky – I loved wearing them!

This ad features ‘happy go-lucky’ cotton separates. The model on the left (redheaded Sunny Redmond) is wearing a quilted teapot print jacket and circle skirt.  Love her striped tights and golden platform shoes. The model on the right is wearing a cotton corduroy checkerboard jacket, matching cut-off pants, and corduroy sailor hat. She is also wearing what looks to be the iconic Famolare red wooden clogs, which were awesome.

Thankful that I had Betsey’s designs to wear in the 1970s!

Marilyn 😀


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