Laura Ashley Vintage 1984 Spring Dress Collection

Fashion in the 1980s was not only the New Wave, neon-colored, spandexed, Flashdance attire that we always think defines the style of that decade. There was definitely a more classic side, with the Sloane Ranger (Princess Diana) and Preppy look. There was also a more romantic, traditional look in dresses, with the popularity of Laura Ashley and Gunne Sax styles.

I ran across this Laura Ashley Spring/Summer 1984 catalog that I had saved. I was struck by the fresh and pretty fashions that were probably at the apex of Laura Ashley fashions in the 1980s. I really love the sailor middy dress, and the white wedding gown – so classic! When I was shopping for my wedding dress in 1983, I remember going to the Laura Ashley store in downtown Seattle. I absolutely loved her wedding dresses, but they were way beyond my price range. I drooled nonetheless. I ended up getting a knockoff of a Gunne Sax dress that was on sale. It was lovely, but it was no Laura Ashley!

Laura Ashley Scarlet and Navy stripe print dress. Spring 1984

Laura Ashley white cotton waisted dresses. Spring 1984

Laura Ashley floral print and summer dresses. Spring 1984

Laura Ashley full gathered dress and loose-waisted sundress. Spring 1984

Laura Ashley cotton jumper and classic skirt, jacket and blouse. Spring 1984

Laura Ashley floral print dress and Peter Pan collar blouse with matching tiered skirt. Spring 1984

Laura Ashley button-front dress and plain and striped T-Shirts. Spring 1984

Laura Ashley drop-waisted striped sundress and high-gathered waist print midi dress. Spring 1984

Laura Ashley sweater, skirt and blouse and white cotton sailor-style dress. Spring 1984

Laura Ashley full-length dress in pure Cotton Lawn, just right for bridesmaids or for that very special occasion. Spring 1984

Laura Ashley Wedding Dress. A bridal gown of uncommon beauty, of purest White cotton lawn, generously trimmed with frills and bows. The flattering neckline is gently elasticized for a perfect fit and the bodice is boned front and back to ensure a smooth and graceful line from bust to hips. The dress has a hooped petticoat which adds dramatic fullness to the skirt. Spring 1984.

Laura Ashley nightgown. The ideal cotton summer nightdress tucked and edged in lace. Spring 1984.


12 Responses to “Laura Ashley Vintage 1984 Spring Dress Collection”

  1. Ada Lovelace

    I love Laura Ashley. For me, those dresses never go out of style 🙂

  2. Wil

    My wedding dress was THAT Laura Ashley dress. I loved it because it was all cotton and comfortable and quite figure flattering. I still have it!

  3. Amy Klett

    Would you be willing to sell this spring summer catalog? It is SO nostalgic for me – I had all those photos on my wall for most of my adolescence. I would pay $20 plus shipping.

  4. Karen

    That was my wedding dress and I paid £!00 for it. I still have it and just displayed it on a wedding festival.It still looks fab.

  5. finnfemme

    Hi Karen! That is FABULOUS, and I am so jealous! My 1983 wedding dress was a knockoff of a knockoff. Glad you kept your Laura Ashley dress and let others enjoy it too! ~ Marilyn

  6. Lindsay

    Hello everyone! I actually took the picture of that wedding dress (dress from spring 1984 image) out of my moms catalog when I was a little girl and swore it would be my wedding dress when the time came. I saved it until I went to college and then my mom saved it for me (without me knowing) and when my fiancé proposed to me 2yrs ago, she pulled it out of my baby book where she had been lovingly storing it for me and I’ve been trying to find this dress for two years now for our wedding this coming August. There have been a couple for sale but they have flaws and they are asking too much for them ($600-$1K). If anyone here who still has this dress and it doesn’t have flaws, please let me know! You would be apart of making it possible for me to live out my lifelong dream wedding!

  7. Jaime McGraw

    Thanks very much for this site!!! I hope to be an avid follower. I am not sure if you are in the business of selling vintage clothes, I signed up just seeing the Laura Ashley catalog pages and your very well written and accurate descriptions. I wish that I had kept so many outfits from the 70s but mostly 80s and early 90s. Oh well I am looking for things that I am attracted to and I will know them when I see!! Thanks, Jaime

  8. finnfemme

    Hi Jaime,
    You are very welcome! I was a vintage clothing seller, but have kind of phased that out. I still love and appreciate vintage clothing though. I have quite a few pieces that I can’t part with!

  9. Jaime McGraw

    Hi! Didn’t expect a reply! Thanks for taking the time. Just a “maybe-if only” question….
    I had a short sleeve white blouse with a shallow curve lace trim Peter Pan collar. Matching lace on the front button placket, with the classic three vertical pleats on either side. Cotton. What made this different was the collar. Laura design “a lot” of Ppcollars, but the rather shallow, and curved over and around the end of my shoulders with a similar back treatment, almost a short sailor.
    Well if there is any chance you recall such a blouse, even a photo would be appreciated as I can then send it to the active sellers. Spring’91 I think was when I received it, and a navy blue cardigan with red/ yellow/ light blue intarsia flowers in left/right. It was a gift. I was quite the preppy Sloan Ranger wannabe as I wore the sweater with blouse collar starched and ironed with grey tailored wool shorts from Talbots with navy cable knee socks and Penny loafers!!!! Yikes
    Thanks for reading take care , Jaime

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