Those Brilliant 1974 Sheaffer NoNonsense Pens!

Those Brilliant 1974 Sheaffer NoNonsense Pens! | FinnfemmeI was (and still am) a devoted pen freak. There is just something satisfying about having a writing utensil in-hand, creating with your own handwriting. My pen obsession likely began around 1974, when – as this ad shows – the Sheaffer NoNonsense pen was introduced. This pen had a super cool design, harking back to the 1920s with its large flattop fountain pen style.

The NoNonsense pen was refillable and came in either ballpoint, marker or cartridge fountain styles. It came in eight sprightly holiday colors, and its own little gift box for $1.98.

I had the orange NoNonsense pen in 1974. I remember thinking it was SO fab and loved writing with it since it was fat and round. I tend to grip my writing utensils quite tightly, and this one loosened up my grasp a bit. I also thought the orange matched my hair, since I was a redhead. 🙂


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