Vintage 1971 Swank ‘Signs & Symbols’ Jewelry

Swank Signs & Symbols Jewelry - vintage 1971 70s | FinnfemmeThis 1971 advertisement for Swank jewelry is straight out the the Age of Aquarius! Featuring ’70s-hipster models, the necklaces were in in the shapes of New Age signs and symbols. They included Revolving Universe, Marina d’Italia, Root of Life, Grecian Sun Wheel, Fertility Symbol, Oriental Luck Charm, Ancient Ankh, Neptune’s Trident, Ancient Scarab, and Genuine Jade Buddha. You could share a sign language all your own when you’re both wearing an eye-catching golden neck chain.

I really like them; they are actually quite striking! I would love to have the Ancient Scarab one because I have a thing for scarabs. But all of them are pretty cool.



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