Groovy Vintage 1972 Marimekko for Fieldcrest Towels

Marimekko for Fieldcrest Towels vintage 1972 | Finnfemme BlogMarimekko for Fieldcrest towels vintage 1972 | Finnfemme BlogI found these fab vintage Marimekko towels at a thrift store today. I had seen them there before and though that they were cool, but today I actually looked at the label – Marimekko for Fieldcrest, 1972 – SCORE. Of course, being the huge Marimekko fan that I am, I snapped them up with delight!

Doing a bit of research I found that Marimekko entered into licensing agreements with several manufacturers in 1972, Fieldcrest being one of them. So the recent 2016 Marimekko collaboration with Target is not a new thing.

I just love the bold yellow and orange wavy graphics, and the towels are amazingly plush and soft. I am looking forward to using them this autumn – they have the perfect Halloween colors!


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