The Rockettes and L’eggs Colors Pantyhose, 1985

The Rockettes and L'eggs Colors Pantyhose, 1985 | Musings from Marilyn-FinnfemmeWearing pantyhose – or any type of leg covering – was practically a requirement in the 1980s. No woman went bare-legged ever (well maybe in the heat of summer, but it was questionable). I just remember buying masses of pantyhose to wear to work in my 1980s banking days. The most popular nylons of the day had to be L’eggs. Packaged in cute plastic egg containers and sold at drug and grocery stores, it was an economical and durable brand to wear.

This great ad, from the September 1985 issue of Vogue magazine, is for L’eggs Colors Pantyhose.  The brightly colored hosiery is featured on an illustration of the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes. The showstopping colors came in all the L’eggs styles – Regular, Sheer Elegance, Sheer Energy and Control Top. Nothing beats a colorful pair of L’eggs!


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