Marimekko and Me

Finnfemme in Marimekko for Target





Being half-Finnish, I am a huge, HUGE Marimekko fan. Of course, Marimekko is the iconic Finnish fashion and lifestyle house noted for their bright colors and bold designs. I love all of their stuff but, being made in Finland, it is usually way too expensive for my frugal budget.

Enter the Marimekko for Target line! At first I was rather aghast at my beloved Marimekko doing a stint for Target, thinking it might somehow sully the brand. And it seemed as though it was all bathing suits and beachwear (shudder). The line quickly sold out online, but luckily I was able to score this groovy caftan in person. It was the only one left, and in a size Small/Medium. Surprisingly it fit, considering I’m more of a size Large/XL.

This long caftan is in the Kukkatori – “flower market” in Finnish – art print. The fabric is 100% rayon and it drapes beautifully. Yes it’s made in China (don’t look too closely at the stitching), but overall it’s very well designed and I love the bold print.

I have to say kiitos (thank you) to Target for this fab collaboration with Marimekko! It’s not the Finnish design house stuff, but it’s a good way to get fun and affordable products out for the masses to wear and enjoy.



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  1. finnfemme

    Hi Janice,
    Yes, Isn’t vanity sizing crazy? People are getting bigger and sizes are getting smaller, rendering them pretty meaningless!

    I was a bit taken aback by the Target S/M sizing though. Usually their sizing is so small that I have to end up getting a couple sizes larger. I guess I lucked out with this caftan – it’s roomy and loose – and I think the Plus Size caftan that I had my eye on online would have been waaaay too big!


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