Ten Things I Love About Postmenopause

  1. No blood/bleeding: You can wear white pants again.
  2. No PMS: Your hormones level out.
  3. No cramps: You don’t have to take a boatload of ibuprofen anymore.
  4. No bloating/fluctuating weight: You’ll probably gain weight but it will stay stable.
  5. No mood swings: Emotional drama is greatly reduced.
  6. No hormonally-induced migraine headaches: You can now blame your headaches on stress.
  7. No need for birth control: Duh.
  8. No weird food cravings: The sweet/salty thing diminishes.
  9. No calendar planning around your period: Your days are open and free.
  10. No spending money on sanitary pads and tampons: Damn, that stuff is expensive!


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